dimensions (mm)







engineered timber cantilever seat - based on longbow construction techniques
tensile fabric upholstery - constructed as corset in leather / silk
cast bronze talons

edition of 8 + 4AP

DRAGON 1/8 is in the collection of the Xiangsi Culture & Design Museum, Tianjin, China, having previously featured in a photoshoot for Philip Treacy, by the Russian celebrity photographer Sasha Gusov.

The Dragon, in western mythology, represents overwhelming power – a force which will inevitably prevail.
The dramatic presence of this Chaise-Longue embodies these attributes, dominating the space it inhabits.
The Dragon's tail is conjured with an articulated, counter-flexing cantilevered seat beam, with, at the core of its structure, a cluster of traditional English longbows.
The form of the seat back is generated by tensioning a silk-lined leather corset over an engineered timber (or aluminium) frame.

fine art furniture by Peter Linnett

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