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  • Peter Linnett

Out of the fire, a Phoenix

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Phoenix is a particularly appropriate name for the first piece in my "Imagined Creatures" series: not only hinting at the function of the firegrate, but also referencing the process of its production.

pouring cast iron in the foundry

The cast metal (iron and bronze) quite literally emerges from fire as it is formed in sand moulds.

There is little scope for refinement of cast forms. Blemishes and casting flaws are unavoidable in this process (part of the reason for the decorative nature of 19th century cast ironwork is that blemishes get lost in the noise).

To me, these faults give each iteration of the design an element of individuality.

The castings are selectively polished before assembly. But there is no permanence to this sheen. By nature, these metals will patinate and corrode - constantly evolving in appearance and character as they age.

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