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Peter Linnett to participate in Edinburgh Art Fair 2023

Press Release

Sculptor/designer Peter Linnett will be exhibiting at this years Edinburgh Art Fair (November 17-19 2023).

It is his second consecutive year presenting work at the Fair – having last year used the event to launch two new pieces of statement furniture from his series Imagined Creatures.

This year will again see the unveiling of two new works, but, diverging from his recent focus on furniture, the latest offerings are small scale sculpture editions (both derived from large projects of his earlier career, and reflecting his background in engineering).

Linnett's work has been rarely been seen in the UK over the past decade; rather he has been a familiar presence in China, exhibiting in Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin – where his work is now in a number of museum and private collections, and where he has regularly lectured.

His aesthetic is, he explains, a response and reaction to dual careers in antique restoration and high-end interior design. This is most apparent in his wilful disregard for refinement, and an eager acceptance of dilapidation and surface damage.

“Imperfections tell stories” he explains, “they are something we can relate to far more readily than perfectly executed flawless form”.

For Linnett, the polished and immaculate presentation of super-luxury interiors, whilst impressive on first encounter, are ultimately soulless and sterile. “I want to create work which embodies the warmth and character of a timeless heirloom, rather than the rapidly tarnished sheen of the latest tech gadget; work that you want to live with rather than briefly admiring before moving on.”


Images of the new works will not be available until 2 weeks prior to the show.

High resolution images  for digital or print publication are included below.


The Edinburgh Art Fair runs from 17-19 November

at the O2 Edinburgh (Old Corn Exchange), 11 New Market Road, Edinburgh, EH14 1RJ


+44 7740 552375 (Andy McDougall)

Press Images

The images below are available in high resolution for print or digital publication.

Please email to request images.

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