Peter Linnett

Technical Portfolio

metalwork specialist

Antique Reconstruction

Successfully restoring and completing damaged antique metalwork requires close matching of materials, finishes and styles.
I offer a deep understanding of historic craft metalworking techniques - but am equally ready to augment these with new technologies where this is appropriate or necessary.

Sculpture / Sculptural Design

My own creative work draws heavily on the technical and material language of antiques, with an emphasis on conveying character and personality.
My philosophy is that perfection is neither engaging, nor sustainable; so natural material and technical flaws, as well as wear-and-tear, should contribute to the finished work.

Design Optimisation

The place of parametrics and CAD is, for me, not in the core creative process; but in dynamic exploration and design refinement - such as arranging distribution of geometric texture, or optimising proportions.
I often develop custom algorithms and processes, using Grasshopper and Rhino, to resolve specific design details.

Architectural Metalwork

I work with architects and interior designers, advising on feasibility, and developing workable solutions for the detailed design and manufacture of decorative architectural metalwork.
Projects have ranged from minimalist new-builds to period style designs; for private and commercial projects and super-yachts.