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  • Peter Linnett

Zeus chairs unveiled in Shanghai

I am back in China, at Design Shanghai Collectibles, to launch "Zeus" - a set of dining chairs depicting the Greek god of thunder concealing himself in a herd of cattle (we all know the legend...)

Zeus chairs by Peter Linnett

The chairs are modelled here by my China rep Gina Jin, and exhibition visitors - proving that, despite their very unconventional appearance, the chairs are both functional and comfortable!

Zeus chairs by Peter Linnett

The dining chairs are conceived as a set comprising Zeus (a bull with forelegs mutated into bolts of lightning), accompanied by a herd of bulls and cows.

They are upholstered in wet-moulded leather on a cast aluminium form, with hand-forged bronze nose-rings; and will be available in a limited edition of 8 sets + 4AP.

Bulls and cows will shortly also be available in a larger size - also as a limited edition of 8 + 4AP.

Shanghai Exhibition Centre

...and here we are in front of the venue.

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