Press Release: August 2016

Peter Linnett receives personal achievement prize at 2016 Golden Creativity Awards

The Golden Creativity Competition is an annual award hosted by the China International Interior Design Network CIID888. Now in its fourth year it honours international architects and designers.

Peter Linnett was selected as the only British designer from more than 1,000 entries spanning 15 countries and over 40 provinces and regions in China. The awards ceremony was part of the International Designers Forum which promotes international exchange and cooperation opportunities between the Chinese interior design industry and leading practitioners from across the world.

Peter Linnett's work has received widespread recognition in China and has recently been included in the permanent collection of international contemporary design at Xiangsi Creative Design Centre, Tianjin's Design Museum.

Peter Linnett is a British designer whose objects straddle the worlds of furniture design and fine art.  With a professional background in engineering and antiques, his works combine a strong narrative with traditional craftsmanship and artisan skills.

His designs represent an antidote to automated predictability and embrace elements of controlled imperfection, enabling each piece in every limited edition to tell its own unique story.

His collection resembles a menagerie of curious and precious furniture objects and includes a herd of chairs inspired by the Greek God Zeus, a chaise-longue incorporating a dragon, as well as an ornamental table perched on unicorn hooves.

fine art furniture by Peter Linnett

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