photos: Peter Linnett, David Hunter, Mark Harrison, Celia Davies


"Flights" are a series of large-scale site-specific installations

The sculpture elements forming these installations are parasitic in nature

and are conceived as additions or modifications to their environment,

intended to alter the viewers perception of space.


Flights I at Brunel University


Some elements of the Flights series are available as stand-alone sculptures

Future Flights projects are sought -

particularly as a way of presenting current work in an innovative context.

Watch for further announcements...


Each chair in the series is uniquely posed using 3D animation software,

and foundry moulds are generated by a digital sand-printing process.

The chairs are cast and fabricated in aluminium alloy,

then skinned with hand-stitched wet-moulded leather;

the nose-ring seat-backs are formed in hand-forged bronze.

The making of Zeus: a herd of unique individuals